Attendees will learn how to design, fund and build a naturally inclusive playground in their community. Everyone who attends will leave with more passion for this work as well as tangible tools to get it done.


3-day workshop

You’re gonna have fun, we mix work with play. You’re gonna go home inspired and empowered to be a community hero and build a place where everybody can play. you’re gonna go home with real tools, design, funding, and process. give them actual real tools, work samples, sample design, sample budgets.

Get empowered

We’ll teach you the process and give you all the tools you need to build your own Harper’s Playground in your own community step by step. You’ll gain real tools and real experience during this workshop.

You’ll go home with real tools, design, funding, and process. give them actual real tools, work samples, sample design, sample budgets. For a more in-depth view at the workshop, visit our schedule page.

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Plan & Ideate

Your vision matters! Building your team around a shared vision will include site selection and naming your stakeholder groups. Hint: EVERYONE will benefit from your work, so EVERYONE should be welcome on your team.

Harper'sPlayground_Design_SandAreaModel copy.JPG

Design & Prototype

Design begins with your site selection and never ends. Well, it kind of ends with the construction documents, but you can plan to make additions and changes to your play area well beyond the date it opens.

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Approval process

A great design & all your funding in place? That’s a great start, but there’s more to getting your dream playground built. We’ll share real world experiences and prepare you for the twists, turns, hoops and red-tape that await you. Don’t worry though, the journey is the destination and we will show you that all this can and should be fun, too!

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More real-world tools and trainings, and even a sample fundraiser to experience while you are with us. We will teach the general principles of a good fund development plan as well as our unique approach to this critical piece of the work.

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The details matter, and design decisions will get made during this process. It’s also fun to help build your playground!

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play and Impacting your community

Your work won’t stop when you open your playground. Being a part of the maintenance and programming your space will help ensure it serves EVERYONE in a good way. We’ll also help you learn to leverage your first inclusive playground in your community into many more!

Gain a support system

We’re confident you’ll go home with the tools and knowledge you need to oversee and lead the production of your own inclusive playground, but should you need help, we will stay in touch with you and help you if you ever need it.


You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.
— Plato