Day 1:


welcome / check-in / happy hour

Meet the team running the event and meet your fellow participants.

Day 2:


Kick-off keynote / our why

Why? Play is really good for people. Nature is really good for people. Inclusion is really good for people. What’s good for people is good for the world. It’s all good.

design deep dive

It’s hard to keep it simple, but it’s worth it. Everyone wants everything, but a simple and elegant space is really the way to go. We will show you how to get there.

hands-on design challenge

We learn by doing. Everyone will get the chance to design their own playground and present their concept to the group. We’ll all learn from this.

lunch in the bus

No time to waste, there are playgrounds to visit...

playground tour #1

The Original / Arbor Lodge Park

It starts where it all started. Learn about the path we followed to achieve our first dream playground:

  • Tour of the playground

  • Tenets of inclusive design & play

  • Lessons learned


playground tour #2

Couch Park

This is a unique and challenging space which offers excellent lessons in how to navigate those hurdles.

  • Tour of the playground

  • Q & A



Take some time to explore Downtown Portland.

dinner / hands-on fundraiser

Raising funds can be FUN! We focus on creating an experience that highlights the importance of this work. Storytelling and timing are everything!


Day 3:


building your team

A public-private partnership to build a unique inclusive nature scape is a BIG project. Getting the right mix of people together and sharing the same vision is critical to your success.

fundraising: design drives budget

Your design should make sense for the space and meet the needs of the community. We help you understand why and how to help the design and the budget have a conversation.

process: turn that red-tape green!

Can “process” be fun? It better be. We show you how everyone can fall in love with the project you are creating. Politicians love to envision themselves at those golden shovel ceremonies!

lunch in the bus

Again, not time to waste, when there are playgrounds to visit…

playground tour #3

Gateway discovery park

Part of a brand new park, this playground is bigger than the original, but so much alike, too. We will share about the design and our role as part of the project team.

playground tour #4

Loowit view park

This was the first inclusive playground for the city of Portland inspired by Harper’s Playground which we were not much involved with. We will explore where they got it right and where it could be better. Mistakes are often the best teachers!


It’s [Harper’s Playground] just magic. You see kids of all abilities here playing together. It’s beautiful. It’s safe. It’s fun. And, you know, it’s community.
— Charlie Hales, Portland Mayor